Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber.-Review-

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This tools is equipped :

  • with two rechargeable batteries within three and a half hours and lasts from up to two hours of use, and the capacity of 3.5 volts and the other capacity of 21 * 2150 amperes, which ensures you to continue working in case of running out of the first. The rotation speed is 300 rpm for quick and uninterrupted dirt cleaning.
  • 4 replaceable cleaning brush heads: each head has its own space and the difficulty of accessing difficult places. The wide and large areas such as floors and swimming pool, the small space has a special brush, a circular brush head for the toilet, a corner cleaning brush, and a brush for different places, so you can say that many places impose on you a lot of brush and all this Available in this product.
  • 21-inch stainless steel handle for cleaning away areas without any back damage and arthritis. The accessory handle is adjustable. The brush angle is tiltable by pressing the button on the handle.

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  • Powerful and Noiseless Cleaner.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • 4 Detachable Waterproof Heads.
  • Multi-Purpose Uses.
  • Warranty:  12 Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • It’s a power tool and you should always charge it, causing disappointment in case you forget to charge it before.
  • Not suitable for external use.

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