Dustpan with Handle by Ravmag- Solid Natural Rubber Construction-Review-

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This is the last dust pan you’ll ever need to buy! Made using a solid piece of natural rubber, the only one with this ultra-durable construction, you’ll never have to worry about the inconveniences of plastic. That means no

breaking mere days after buying it. No cracking even with the kids getting to their usual cheekiness. No losing
shape rendering it useless. Brace yourself for years and years of unwavering service!

Here’s why you’ll love this stand up dust pan:

  • Needle-thin lip collects even the tiniest particles.
  • 40-inch long handle eliminates painful bending during sweeping.
  • Features a wide body to accommodate most brooms.
  • Stands upright making it easy to use.
  • Leaves no gaps for dirt to slip through.

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  • Maintains back safety.
  • Made of long lasting rubber.
  • The rubber works well at not leaving debris behind.


  • It is difficult to empty the dirt in the garbage, as it is recommended to remove the handle when the dust collection is completed.
  • More expensive than competitors, but worth the price, that’s what a customer brought
  • Something heavy

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